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​Technology is changing the way in which companies vet candidates based on their professional skills. For employers, the change within technology largely impacts the hiring process.

Technology Increases the Market for Recruiters

The advancement of technology has allowed recruiters to be able to widen their searches for ideal candidates across the net by giving them access to candidates that live in different destinations around the world.

​Recruiters being able to hire internationally creates a market increase for applicants they have, enabling them to hire for roles in different locations around the world to help companies, as well as themselves, to hire more people.

Technology Makes Interviewing Easier for Recruiters

After getting an interview for an international applicant, they are able to have their calls with the recruiter online – being able to go through information, and over anything they would like to ask, before they have their interview with the international company which is hiring. The recruiter is then able to talk with the company and ask them what skillset they require for the job. Both meetings, with the client and company, are able to be completed online. For example, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become widely acknowledged for meetings with potential applicants and companies.

Technology Enables a Higher Reach for Recruiters

Today, there’s a new era of job boards, specifically revolving around online recruitment portals to optimise the job-hunting progress. When recruiters are looking for the idea applicant, they will broadcast their information online to help with filling jobs. For example, LinkedIn enables recruiters to be able to find people who may be able to fit a job role.

Similarly, LinkedIn Recruiter helps to further increase the reach for recruiters. With LinkedIn Recruiter, a recruiter can send InMail. InMail allows the recruiter to send out a message to anyone on LinkedIn without an introduction or contact information – allowing recruiters to get a higher interaction rate when looking for suitable candidates to fit roles. If someone then receives the message, and is interested in the role, they are able to reply back and book in a call to talk about the roll – making it easier for the recruiter to reach more candidates.

The future of recruitment and hiring is all about the help of digital technology to find a bigger clientele and help make the recruitment process easier. A recruiter is able to utilise technology to help them find the ideal candidate. Therefore, technology within the recruitment sector is the standard for hiring job candidates now and in the upcoming future.