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​The world of recruitment can be very fast paced. In case you’re not on you’re A-game at all times, you can wind up losing the deal. Every recruiter wants to be better, win new customers and be the big biller in the business…however, not every person can reach the level at the recruitment heights of an all-star recruitment consultant.

​Assuming you want to be a better recruiter then you need to figure out some way to develop your productivity and efficiency to take advantage of your day, which will leave you with more opportunity to develop relationships with your customers. We’ve assembled a few tips to help you on your journey on becoming the best recruiter you’ve always wanted to be and bringing the most business:


At the point when we say “control”, we don’t mean direct control. We are alluding to the ability to get your customers and candidates to accomplish something, without straightforwardly telling them to it.

​With your candidates you need to discuss their advancement, their abilities, requirements and expectations and, above all, remind them why they are searching for another job. Along these lines, you are empowering them to feel inspired and motivated on the recruitment process.

​By giving them a timeline, keeping them updated, being clear on salary and not upselling the skillset of a candidate, you are guaranteeing they are always informed with exactly what is going on, when it is happening and what they need to do – all of which will make your life significantly simpler.


We know there are numerous recruitment agencies that are still yet to embrace any sort of recruitment software or technology in their business. On the off chance that you’re in one of those, ensure you say yes to demos of new technology when individuals approach you.

​It very well may be something that you can present to the senior management as an approach to make everybody a better recruitment consultant. On the off chance that it’s something more individual, then it may be a way for you to improve your productivity and ultimately help you to become a big biller.


To stay ahead of the crowd, it’s vital to know the key projects happening in your market over the next few months. The more detail you know about your market, the better.

​Great competitors aren’t available for long. When you know what they need and when they’re free, it’s simple and easy for you to secure them roles.

​Keep in touch with your current clients. Ideally you want to be in a situation where they come to you with live roles. You ought to consistently accept they won’t always contact you for live roles, SO ENSURE YOU HAVE MONTLY CATCH-UPS WITH THEM.


Never ever underestimate the power of word-of-mouth! Referrals and Recommendations can transform the way you perform as generally hires from referrals improve the quality of candidates applying, increased retention rate, time reduction and cost of hiring.

​Small things like asking your current candidates to recommend you to people that are also looking for new roles or asking for your clients and candidates to leave you reviews on LinkedIn will bring substantial help to you! But most importantly make sure to NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK

​Introducing some of these tips into your work processes will assist you increase efficiency and productivity, it will also allow you to free up your significant time and adjust your priorities. And, above all, help you on your journey to become one of your offices top billers.

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