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The world of sales can be very fast paced. Every sales consultant thrives in competition to try and be better than anyone else by winning new customers and be the big biller in the business. However, not every person can reach a high potential in sales.

It’s important to remember that sales processes differ from company and job titles, meaning you need to figure out which area of sales is for you – do you want to sell a service, or a product?

If you’re aiming to be a top biller in your sales role, then you need to figure out some different ways to develop your productivity and efficiency to help you achieve this. This will leave you with more opportunity to develop relationships with your customers.

Below, we have assembled a few tips to help you on your journey to becoming a top biller in sales.


Take Control

When we say ‘control’, we don’t mean direct control. We are alluding to the ability to get your customers and candidates to accomplish something without telling them to do it directly.

By learning how to negotiate with different people is important, as well as reminding them how you can help. Along these lines, you are empowering them to invest in you and your company.

By giving clear communication and always liaising, you are guaranteeing they are always informed with exactly what is going on, what is happening, and what they need to do. With this in mind, it will make your sales process significantly simpler.

Embrace New Technology

We know that it can be hard to know of all the new trends regarding technology as it is rapidly growing, but knowing the market in your job role is important in sales. From seeming like an expert, to having the confidence on your calls, it will help you understand your customers products.

Know Your Market

It’s vital to know the key projects happening in your market over the next few months. The more detail you know about your market, the better.

​Great competitors aren’t available for long. When you know what they need, and you book in a call, make sure you try and tell them how you will fulfil these issues for them.

Referrals and Recommendations

Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. Referrals and recommendations can transform the way you perform.

It’s important to network and create a personal brand for yourself to be able to work from – the more people that know you, the more credible you become.


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